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Welcome to play basketball in LePy!


Leppävaaran Pyrintö, LePy, is a basketball club from Leppävaara, Espoo. We have more than 1 000 members. We have about 650 licensed basketball players which makes us the third biggest basketball club in Finland.


Something for everyone


In LePy we have something for everyone. We have family basketball (vanhempi-lapsikoris) for kids and parent under school age. Liikuntaleikkikoulu is a programme for kids under school age which concentrates on developing motor skills. Basketball groups start from 6 year onwards. Each age group is its own team and they are named by the age (e.g. girls 2012, boys 2012). You will get more information about teams from team’s own pages Teams. Don’t hesitate to ask more information from coaches or team managers of your own age group. 

For adults, we offer beginner groups as well as playing in a team. In beginner groups one can practice once, twice or three times a week and pays for the times she/he attends. Each practice is coached by the LePy professional coaches. Our adult teams are mainly put up by groups of friends. There is a big variety of teams with different ambitions in LePy adult teams. If you are interested to join the practices, you can register in Aikuisten harrastekoris. If you are interested to join one of the teams which play in different levels, feel free to contact them directly. You can find their information in joukueet.

We also offer Unified Basketball for youth and adults with some challenges. In Unified Basketball, disabled players play among abled partner-players in same teams. More information about Unified basketball is in Erityisryhmät.


How to start


We organize a free basketball school each August and January. It is an easy way to start your basketball career. But there is no any problem of starting at any time of the year. All our teams and groups take new players throughout the year. More information and registration is in Basketball Schools.




We are a non-profit organization, which runs with the member fees. Our yearly fees start from 300 euros onwards, depending on the level and activity of the group. The biggest expenses are the coaching salaries and gym fees. If you are interested in basketball, you may always try once if you like it but after the second time you are obligated to pay the fee. Season fees, you can find from the Jäsen- ja kausimaksut.

We run our activities in Espoo city schools. This means that the gym fees are a bit cheaper but also that they are governed by the schools and therefore influenced on cancellations by the school even in short notice. We apologize for any inconvenience cost by the cancellations but we can’t offer any money back since our monthly expenses are still the same (e.g. coaching salaries).




Our teams take part in the basketball leagues run by the Finnish Basketball Association. Before playing the first official match you have to pay Finnish Basketball Association’s player license. Players are responsible for their own insurances. It is possible to purchase an insurance with the license. You will also need the LePy uniform (orange shirt and shorts), which you will receive after paying the 50 euros’ deposit on them. You will get more information on these when you join the team.


It takes a village...


For a player playing in a basketball team means attending practices and games. But to run the team we need lots of volunteers. So far we have organized everything among parents. As long as everyone takes part at least for some little chores, no extra costs are necessary and the team works as a unit. We don’t demand anyone to attend but we strongly encourage that when bringing your child in LePy, take apart yourself also. LePy can offer a great chance for you to get involved and meet other interesting people with same interest also. The more active the parents are behind the team, the better environment we can offer kids to grow playing basketball. Remember, it takes a village… 

You are welcome to LePy family!

If you have questions, feel free to contact Marika Vilanen by e-mail ( or by phone (+358 44 567 0777)