Summer Camp information

OP Uusimaa School’s Out Camp 2024

You’ve signed up for the best camp of the summer - LePy School’s Out Camp. Welcome! This letter contains information about the upcoming camp.

Date and place

The camp will be held at Leppävaara Sports Hall (Leppävaaran liikuntahalli, Veräjäpellonkatu 6) and in its vicinity from Monday to Friday, June 3-7, 2024. 

Camp program

We start at Leppävaara Sports Hall every day at 9:00 and end at 16:00. The instructors will be present from 8:45 to 16:15.

In addition to basketball training, the day's program includes other summer sports. The group instructor tells the campers the program of the day in the mornings. Each group has 2-3 instructors of their own. LePy coaches are responsible for the training. 


On Monday morning, campers report to their own camp instructor outside in the front yard of the hall. The camp instructors gather their groups together. From the moment of registration, all activities take place in this small group.

Campers gather in the morning with their instructor outside at a location agreed between the group. At the end of the day, the campers gather in the same place. Those who are allowed to leave the camp independently will leave. And those who will be picked up are waiting outside with the director. So we hope that when you register on Monday, you will tell the group instructor if the child will be able to go home independently or will be picked up. If you do not bring the child to camp on Monday, put the information on the note with the child.


The camp rate includes lunch and a snack. All foods are lactose free and any meat dishes are from beef. Special diets announced in time have been taken into account.

What to take with you

The camp is a sports camp, so campers must have indoor and outdoor sports equipment. Please note that the Finnish summer can be cool and wet. Everyone has their own drink bottle, skipping rope and ball. In addition to these, the camper needs toiletries, a towel, and a change of clothing.

Camp meals take place in the café of Leppävaara Sports Hall. Each camper must have their own cutlery (plate, mug, fork) with them daily at the camp. There are no soup dishes in the camp. For dirty dishes, it is a good idea to carry a small plastic bag.

There is no kiosk in the camp and there is no vending machine in the hall. Therefore, it is not worthwhile (read: please no money) to bring your own money to the camp.


All campers are insured with accident insurance. 

Reaching campers during camp

Campers often have their own phone. However, we hope the phones will be off during the camp program. We therefore recommend that you leave text messages in urgent cases. If the parents have a busy matter, they can contact the camp manager Marika Vilanen 044 567 0777.


Photographs are taken at the camp for the club’s marketing purposes. If you do not want the camper to be photographed, please let us know in advance.